~*~ Themes ~*~

As you may have gathered I try to theme my Wednesday and Sunday posts. This helps give you an idea of what to expect each month and also gives me an opportunity to discuss many different things with you and to give them some organisation. Keep reading to see which themes and topics I have covered so far. I may revisit themes in future too :)

Each month will also have a 'Monthly Favourites' post and a health update (beginning in January 2015)

January 2015 - January Journey

Will be updated once published.

December 2014 - December Decorations & Delights

Making your own decorations, my plans for christmas, different ways to enjoy the season, reflection at christmas and my favourite things to do!

November 2014 - November Appreciation & Aspiration

Beating anxiety, aspiring and dreaming big, being thankful for your situation and for those around you.

October 2014 - October Soul, Mind & Body

Looking after yourself, listen to your body and also an insight into changing the way you view yourself.

September 2014 - Inspiration September

A look at what inspires and motivates me, some craft posts and the unveiling of my newly decorated room.

August 2014 - August Awareness

A light skim of the issues many young people face today including Cyberbullying, Anxiety and other Mental Health concerns. 

July 2014 - Finding my way around

An assortment of posts as I find my feet in Surrey after relocating from Lancashire.

June 2014 and May 2014 

These posts are not themed, view at your own risk :)