~*~ About ~*~

I'm Chez. I'm 24. I blog about things that are of interest to me and hopefully to you too!

I'm quite introverted but love animals, despite being allergic to them!

I moved from Lancashire to Surrey in June 2014 and started the blog as a way to keep some familiarity in my life as I go through a lot of changes. This then became something that I gain a lot of satisfaction from so I now release posts three times a week and *try* to stick to a theme each month.

I like organising, routine, hugs!, chocolate (white and milk), watching youtube videos, being creative and helping others :)

I'm not a big fan of travelling as I get quite anxious in confined spaces e.g. cars, plane, trains and boats.... I'm working on it, it doesn't define me it's just a challenge I currently have. You can follow my journey of beating this and depression in my weekly updates :)

I love Autumn... I love browns and oranges and reds and yellows and greens smushed together :) I love watching squirrels bury acorns and then spend the winter and spring trying to find them. I love the sound of the wind as it blows through crispy leaves, I just love Autumn ^^.

If you want to know more then read my blogs. If they don't answer your question then just ask me in a comment :)

~*~ Disclaimer ~*~

Any reviews or products mentioned in my blog are my own opinions or purchases. If I have been given the item or asked to write a promotional review I will mention this clearly in the post. I use my own images and photography throughout. Where possible, I link sources and products direct to their own pages.