Sunday, 1 March 2015

March Mindset | The Overview

Hello my darling buds,

How has your February been? Are we ready for March?

New month means new theme so, welcome to:

March Mindset

As you're all aware by now, I see a counsellor for my depression and anxiety. So far, on this round, I've had one session. I didn't find it terribly successful but that is partly due to my pessimistic mindset. It takes two in this situation to get better so I've been working on being more open minded to it working this time round. This month I'm going to share some of things that help me to achieve this and keep working towards a lighter mind.

These posts will include:

Visual motivation
Things I do
Sayings and what I take from them

I hope you find it even a fraction as enlightening as I do.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a good week!

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Toodlepip x

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