Friday, 27 February 2015

Weekly Update | 27.02.2015

Good Evening my Leaves,

How has your week been? I have found that it has flown by for me and I can't believe we're at the weekend again already!

This week has been very successful. I had a big panic attack on Saturday morning but since then I have been blissfully free from anxiety! :) I had a friend from the North visit and it was great to spend time catching up! Its made me realise that I don't want to stay down here all my life and will probably move about a lot until I find the place that feels right.

I've been a bit crafty again this week after realising that listing things that make me happy actually made me feel happier.

My desk is now covered in little things that bring a smile every time I see them :)

Aside from that I've been exercising and trying to eat a little cleaner, I came very close to my mid goal weight a few weeks ago and am making another push at it!

How has your week been? Do you have plans for the weekend?

See you on Sunday for March's theme :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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