Friday, 6 February 2015

Weekly Update | 06.02.2015

Good Evening my leaves,

How are we all doing today? How has your week been?

I've got the rugby on in the background as I type this, how on earth they can hear each other play over the shouting is lost on me! Then again, I can't really explain any of the rules either so...

This week has seen a variety of weather's including snow!

I've had a knackering week to the point where I believe I'm now running on fumes just to stay awake!  It's been very productive though and I've certainly had lots of fun! I think everyone at my work has been feeling the same as emotions have been running much higher than usual. Hopefully I will have enough time to recuperate this weekend, in between decorating and housework, so will be fine and fresh by Monday!

Anyhoo, I shall see you all on Sunday for my 100th post!!! I can't believe we will be at 100 already! It only feels like yesterday that I was typing my 10th :)! 

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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