Wednesday, 4 February 2015

February Flames & Friendships | Good Friends

Happy Wednesday my leaves :)

How is your hump day going?

Today's post is all about Good Friends. I mean the ones that you can not see for ages and then when you catch up with them its as if there was no break :) The ones where you can just sit and do something normal like watch TV and be comfortable in each others presence. The ones where you don't feel like you have to talk the entire time yet you'll know how the other is.

Do you have a few faces popping into your head?

I wanted to give them a special mention because you never really realise just how much those relationships mean to you until you're no longer in the vicinity of them. They say that you make over 300 friendships-ish in your lifetime but only 30-40 will be longstanding, if that. I can count my good friends on my hands and I'm content with that!

A year ago I was asked to be Best (wo)man at my close friends' wedding (this Autumn). I have known the groom for over twenty years and the bride for over ten. As best man its one of my duties to write a speech about the groom. How on earth do you describe all the feelings you have about the good nature of someone? How do you select the 'best bits' of such a long standing relationship?

I don't think I have the words to express how happy being friends with these two has made me. They're both realistic and honest people and they've always made the most of any time we had free to catch up. Together they are opposites but they complement each other's personality really well. Maybe this is what I need to say in the speech, its practically writing itself in this post ^^.

I know that I don't give my good friends as much time as I could but we all know that our lives are getting more and more busy as we grow up.  I guess it's true when people say it's about quality not quantity :)

Anyhoo, I hope you can identify these friends too. If you haven't caught up with them for a while then just send them a quick email, text or card to let them know that you're still there. It's amazing what the little gestures can do to someone's day :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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