Sunday, 22 February 2015

February 2015 | Health and Self Development Update

Good Evening my Leaves and welcome to February’s monthly update :)

How has February treated you? I’ve had a very mixed month but I also feel like I’ve achieved quite a bit too and I shall share that with you today.

A New Sport

Karate has been going very well lately, I’ve been particularly enjoying the meditational sessions too as they have been giving me tools to use when I need to quiet my mind and I’m starting to feel the benefits of this. The terminology and when to move is still quite a challenge but for month two, its progress in the right direction :)

Belly Dance has also been going well but I’m not sure if the course is quite the right fit for me. I enjoy the people around me and the routines that we’re learning but there can be a few frustrating moments where I can see more time needs to spent but isn’t. I think its part of being a returnee instead of a beginner that I can see these things and how its affecting the other learners but, for now, its good exercise so I will finish the course out! :)

A New Language

Dutch is really starting to come along now. I reviewed ‘uTalk’ a few weeks back now and have now completed, to my own level, 1 of the 35 topics available. I’ve taken to writing the phrases and words on a whiteboard and then I can take them to the kitchen when I’m cooking and keep practicing. Its still something I’m enjoying and I’m currently trying to decide which topic to do next :D

A New Instrument

There has been very little progression this month with drumming. I’m finding it harder to self motivate as I don’t have a set time when I learn a rhythm or other people to motivate me. I’m still very interested in learning but it has taken a back seat this month. I’ve been eyeing my guitar lately too and think that I could start to learn that too as I have the actual instrument but its drumming that has my heart.

Mental Health

Eurgh, where to start with this one?! I’ve had my first appointment now with the therapist. It was essentially the initial consultation where they try to discover every inch of your life in 40 minutes and then assume they have everything. I know that a limit of 6 sessions means that they can’t spend all their time on discovery but I felt very frustrated after as I hadn’t been given the chance to speak freely it was just a lot of question and answer talk. The session ended with them once again recommending CBT. I’m not saying that it isn’t an effective method but it is simply there to give you coping mechanisms. I’m not just looking for coping mechanisms. I want to get to the root of the problem so that I can get out of this circle. I have another appointment soon so we shall see how that goes. I’ve had a lot of anxiety lately partly due to a lot of change and additional stresses but these are being resolved so I’m hoping for a much calmer March

Looking at the positives I have achieved quite a lot this month; I’ve been to the cinema (after two years avoiding it), I’ve eaten out a few times with minimal hiccups, I’ve gone to places where I can’t always take my bag (security blanket) and I’ve been a lot more honest in how I’m feeling which has helped those around me too. I am aware that I have a long way to go but I’m definitely seeing the progress.


I mentioned the ab workout video in Friday’s weekly update so you know that I’m still finding challenges to do! I have actually gained weight overall this month which has annoyed me as I was very close to a stage goal but, I think this could possibly be muscle gain so I can’t grumble too much! :) Me and my Fitbit made it to 10,000 steps on a walk this weekend too which is the first time this year I’ve completed that step goal. I realise this is what you are supposed to achieve everyday but little steps people!

How has your month been? Are you still keeping to your resolutions? 

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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