Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekly Update | 16.01.2015

Hey hey!

Weekly update time :) and its on time!

Sorry for the delay last week, I'm feeling much perkier now :)

I've tapped into my creative side quite a bit this week in a bid to improve my mood. I think I'd gotten to the point where I was getting fed up of waiting for the waiting list to reach me with regards to seeing someone about my head. After lots of doodling and dancing this week I feel a lot more rosy. Still slightly more pensive than I would like but that's probably influenced by my music choice ^^

Here's a little something that taught me to never try drawing wings, or people with their back to me, ever again xD

I know I'm no artist by any kind of standard but your competence level should never stop you from doing what you enjoy! 

This week I also discovered +Pinterest so you can now find my magpie (sparkly want want) interests on there too :) I have been spending far too much time on there lately but I'm enjoying it immensely! Do you have a profile I can follow? :)

I also got a real sense of community this week too, and for that, I thank YOU. So many of you have helped me this week, be it preventing everyone being spammed a gazillion times when I release anew post, to helping me figure out how I can eventually get a drum kit. You've all been great and I hope that there are people there for you too! I go onto communities when I can and, I'm here too :)

So, how has your week been? Do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope you're enjoying January Journey so far :)!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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