Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January Journey | A New Sport (& other exercise)

Happy Wednesday my Leaves,

How has you first full week of the new year been treating you? I'm back at work and I'm shattered! My body doesn't want to stay asleep for fear of missing my alarm so decides that 4am is appropriate instead of 7! :( I'm sure it will sort out, if not then I'll have to have words!

Anyway, today is the day I introduce you to my new sport. As you will know, from reading Sunday's post, I am undertaking the challenge of learning a new sport, instrument and language this year. This will improve my personal development and will also, hopefully, give me the boost that is very much needed right now! I'm also quite keen to shift a few pounds and tone up so if I can enjoy myself at the same time I'm more likely to stick to it :)

The Sport:

I have enrolled at my local 'Dojo' for karate classes once a week and also 'meditational movement' on Fridays. Now, these karate classes are currently 1 to 1 which I know isn't the preferred method for learning karate BUT, right now, its about what I can handle and it reduces my anxiety significantly to not have other learners present. Meditational Movement will start this Friday and I'm slightly apprehensive as there will be other learners present in this class. I'm hoping that with it being a class on calming and body awareness I should be able to cope. Here's hoping!

So that's my new sport. I don't know how far I will progress or if I will even do the grading. Right now it is providing me with a reason to leave the house, exercise and get used to being outside of my comfort zone. I haven't done anything like this before so I'm curious to see how it goes!

Future activities:

If I can manage these sessions with other learners then I am going to begin my bellydance again too. The course doesn't begin for another couple of weeks yet so I have time to decide! :)

Keeping track of the activities:

I made an elaborate purchase over the Christmas holidays which will help me keep my exercising on track. A FitBit Flex! I purchased it in a sale (~£40) (of which pink was, for some reason, cheaper) and can purchase different coloured bands at a later date if I wish!

Now on first impressions, I wasn't impressed. It took me the best part of 15 minutes to attach the bracelet first time round, to then discover I had to take it off to sync it first! After that initial faff though I'm quite happy, so far. I have also re-downloaded 'My Fitness Pal' (free) which syncs to the FitBit data on my account. The Flex will be monitoring my sleep and exercise whereas MFP will be keeping track of my calorie intake. The fact that they work together is making a massive difference. I don't have to switch between multiple apps and can just log into the dashboard on FitBit and see everything! They also have communities and forums which I will probably investigate at another time. For now though it's day 5 of usage, I shall keep you updated in my monthly update :)

Wow, this has turned into a mammoth post!

I shall let you get back to your life now :) but  first, let me know if you've taken up a sport/exercise and how you're finding it so far!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x