Sunday, 11 January 2015

January Journey | A New Instrument

Hello my lovely Leaves,

I hope Sunday is treating you nicely and that you are feeling nicely rested! Today will hopefully be nice and brief for you :) It's part two of my three part self development plan: learning a new instrument. The benefits of learning an instrument are endless. It's a fantastic exercise for the mind, it improves your own dexterity, encourages your creativity and it makes you feel good to name a few! :)

Now, I'm not as organised to begin this one completely yet but I wanted share what has happened so far :)

I have decided on an instrument, sort of.

I've been practicing, sort of.

Ok ok so I have been really enjoying drums...

I've always been fascinated (read obsessed) by them and found myself opting for drums whenever I used to play guitar hero/rock band with friends :) There's the obvious drawbacks however to deciding on this choice.

1. Cost
I'm not in a position where I can afford one yet

2. Volume
Yeah, I think that says enough

3. Space
Even if I could afford the kit I don't have enough floor space for it's footprint :/

So, does this mean that I have given up and chosen a different instrument?


The beauty of our time is that we have the internet, with the internet we have YouTube :) I have taken to stalking the Drumeo and DrumChannel channels to see what they can offer. I suppose with drums, when you're starting out, you don't necessarily need the kit at once. I've started learning the basic rhythms and am having a blast! I've also been looking into electronic kits in the hope of eliminating some of the sound; they're also a bit smaller so maybe I will find one to fit? :)

As promised, I'm not going to continue dragging you away from your weekend so I'm going to wrap up quickly with a quick question! What do you think? :P Do you have any ideas on where else I can study and ways I can practice? 

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x