Sunday, 28 December 2014

December Favourites 2014

Good Evening my Leaves,

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe how close we are to the end of 2014 now! To celebrate another year passing I have brought my Monthly Favourites post forward so that I can focus on my New Year's Resolutions on Wednesday's post :)

As you can tell from the first picture I have quite a bit to get through tonight but I will be brief on each point for you :) This post will also incorporate gifts I received from my Family for Christmas as opposed to doing a Christmas 'haul' (the word makes me shudder).

1. Paint your own gnome

Yup. I received a ceramic gnome complete with felt tips to decorate as an ornament for the garden. As of yet I haven't touched it as I'm still deciding on whether to go a bit mad or traditional in the decoration ^^.

2. Ciate Nail Varnish

As you saw in a previous post, I bought the Ciate Advent Calendar for myself to count down to Christmas. I have adored their mini mani collection and have tried so many of the colours out this month :)! I only had one hiccup with a varnish that hadn't survived the journey but I am currently in touch with Ciate about this and they have provided wonderful service so far. The image to the right was Christmas Eve's number and it was full sized! A beautifully glittery and festive number!

3. Christmas Food

As you know well by now, my life is ruled quite largely by my stomach. Comfort food is both my lover and rival so the food at Christmas, well... The pigs and blankets are extra crispy (mm hmm). This year we had Capon instead of Turkey and I found it a nice compromise as it wasn't as dry as Turkey but also wasn't quite a chicken ^^.  I feel shout outs to the gravy, veg and Yorkshire Puddings are also necessary as they too were delicious! I do have a heap more food and leftovers to get through still :D.

4. Lock De-Icer

My car is, mature. She is temperamental and doesn't enjoy cold weather, to the point where she won't let me turn the key. This nifty little tool will hopefully be very handy though I hope the weather doesn't turn enough to need it!

5. Hotel Chocolat - Eton Mess Bites

I love Hotel Chocolat and its products. Do I honestly need to say anymore? White chocolate, meringue and dried raspberries...

6. Yankee Candles

Hehe always more candles. I feel I am slowly getting rid of my fear of flames, for candles at least! I now have a votive 'clean cotton' and a jar 'Vanilla Cherry' to enjoy when my current ones are done :)

7. Kipling Bag

Possibly the pride and joy of this post. I adore my bag. I am a very compartmentalising person and this bag has so many nooks and crannies to hide and separate items. The best part, it's washable! ^^,

8. Decorative heart reindeer ornament

I wasn't too sure what to call this but it's beautiful :) It has a ribbon tie at the very top and hangs to just under a meter. This is very pretty when the light catches it and will now be an annual decoration :)

9. Relaxing

I feel that this needs to be a part of my December Favourites. I have been blessed with not having to work over Christmas this year and have really enjoyed being able to follow my own schedule. It's not the easiest thing to keep 'doing' when you're not well but I have managed to keep a balance so far and hope to maintain it next week so I'm nicely recharged for work the week after!

It doesn't matter how much time you have off, if at all. Just please, please, make some time for yourself. You may have deadlines and commitments but you will much better going about them if you give your mind and body a little recuperation before entering the New Year!

I hope you've enjoyed my post today; what have your favourites been this month? Let me know in the comments below iron twitter @chezautumn :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x