Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December Decorations & Delights | A look at 2014 Pt.1

Good Evening my Leaves how are you this Wednesday?

Today I've decided to take a look back on the first six months of 2014 to gain closure of this year and prepare for the next :)

Things I will be answering which you can ponder and apply to your own year too are:

1. Lessons learnt from the first 6 months of 2014
2. Highlights of the first 6 months of 2014
3. Lows of the first 6 months of 2014
4. Significant memories made?
5. Overall rating

1. Lessons learnt from the first six months

Life is for living each moment, not waiting for events to happen. 
Don't be afraid of saying how you feel.
You're stronger than you think.

2. Highlights of the first six months

Completed my first year on the Graduate Training Scheme.
Had a firm handle on my anxiety to the point that I could go about living my life without thinking about it.
Houdini turned 2!
I reconnected with some people I had lost contact with.

3. Lows of the first 6 months

A lot of change in personal circumstances.
My second placement on the GTS fell through with only weeks to transferring.
Loss of a friend I was at Uni with.
Experienced a loss of goals and direction, found it very hard to make a decision about what I wanted.

4. Significant memories

The decision to relocate. (and telling everyone / seeing their reactions)
Buying my macbook after years of drooling and finding reasons why I couldn't buy it.
Starting to pack up the house and downsize possessions to fit in one room (two cars).
Saying 'bye' to everyone and everything that made my life what it was.

5. Overall rating 

Probably a 4?

The first six months of this year are ones I will be glad to not repeat. I learnt a lot in this time and had to make a lot of change, something I don't enjoy (being a creature of stability and comfort). Writing all this down is giving me a very weird feeling, I don't think I would live those months in a different way if I could, and I'm happy with the decisions and actions I did. I remember just sitting in the dining room one day and staring at the ceiling trying to remember how I had gotten into the situation I was in. The answer is that, it's life. Life doesn't give you a plan to follow and it's up to you to make your own way. Keep your eyes and ears open. Check to see how those close to you are doing. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. If something is unpleasant, don't ignore it. I found a lot of strength in myself over those months that I hadn't realised I possessed. It gave me the momentum I needed to regain control over my life and I'm just slightly frustrated that it had to get to a point like those months for me to see it.

How were your first 6 months of 2014? How did you find answering the questions?
Part 2 will follow on Sunday and it all gets better, trust me :)

Make your own choices

Toodlepip x