Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December Decorations & Delights | Felt Presents DIY

Hello hello hello!

It's Wednesday! Yippee! This is my last full week of 2014 at work! I managed to save up quite a few holiday days so although I have a few working weeks left none of them are five days :)

With all the extra time I've been able to be more creative in my posts for December which is why you are able to see today's post :)

I know decorations for trees are nice but sometimes you want something different but without spending a fortune in the shops! Here's one of my ideas, felt presents!

A word of warning before I begin, the quality of the present I made isn't the best! Once I had decided this is what I was going to do I ended up chasing daylight to get it completed for you, I'm sure your own productions will be much prettier :)

For this project you will need:

Felt (size depends on the size of a present you want to make :))
Something for the ribbon, I opted for a different colour of felt!
Stuffing, I opted for an old cushion as it was cheaper :)
Thread (cotton)
Dressmaking pins
A needle 

Step One

Cut out six identical squares of felt. I did this by folding a shape into a triangle to ensure it made two right angled triangles :)

Step Two

With the pins, carefully, pin the squares together leaving about a centimetre gap or less to sew the sides together :) DON'T PIN one edge as you will need access to reverse and add stuffing :)

Step Three

Sew all the pinned edges, I managed to sew the box with a single thread but you may want to double it up and make the stitches tighter for it to be more durable :)

Step Four

Turn your box inside out so it's not the right side out :) You may need to use your hands to push the sides and corners :)

Step Five

Stuff the old cushion innards into the box and sew the final edge. I folded the edges over and did 'sort of' invisible stitches :P

Step Six

With your second material wrap two strips so they look like the ribbon on a present :) I sewed them to the 'base' of the box so they weren't visible.

Step Seven

Cut out two strips and add a triangle cut out to create the ends of a ribbon. You will also need to sew a loop with some felt and cut out a small strip wish will be used to wrap the middle of a loop :)

Step Eight

Create the bow. I used the small strip and sewed it to the middle of the loop piece before I added the 'ends' of the ribbon. Attach this to the present.


You can change shapes and sizes of gifts as well as materials! I opted for felt as opposed to cotton as its firmer but you can always use an interfacing if you want to get fancy :) You could even make tiny presents to use as tree decorations if you want to!

And that's it! Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x