Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December Decorations & Delights | Christmas Eve

Good Christmas Eve my Leaves,

How are you this evening? I realise this post is late and I apologise. I was having a strange moment where I had forgotten the day...

Today is a nice, quick, festive post to wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas (if you celebrate it)!

We have spent the day wrapping gifts and being generally lazy. The food has been prepped for tomorrow so we just need to turn everything on :)

I went for a walk this morning as I was feeling quite lonely and out of sorts despite being surrounded by people. It was so refreshing to be sat in a park with no one around. There were lots of ducks and swans around saying hello to each other and everything was so, peaceful.

Christmas Hat and Jumper at the ready!

I felt much better after my walk and after a long Skype to some of my family members I felt a lot more like I was back into the Christmas Spirit.

I always feel anxious when I have a long period of time off as it gives me a chance to fall into bad habits and avoid going out as I don't have to. The trick will be to keep finding things to do that require me to leave the house!

This evening we will watch a film, play some cards and generally relax. I can't wait!

What are your plans for this evening? Do you have any traditions?

Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x