Friday, 21 November 2014

Weekly Update | 21.11.2014

Good Friday my leaves, 

How are we all today? I had today off from work yet I fell I've been extra unproductive! Being home alone has made me more pensive today too!

I've got 'Fast Forward Music' on in the background and it's serving as great motivation so far! Do you find that there's a type of music that motivates you to get up and do something?

I feel a bit rubbish with myself this week. I shall start from the beginning. I spend my weekends and most evenings browsing through peoples written creations, always looking for that something that makes me go 'yes'. I came across a blog written that was requesting guest bloggers. This was a new term for me and upon reading further I thought it would be a great way to write something different to the monthly theme and at the same time I would be able raise awareness for my own blog and also hopefully help another's attract readers. I don't mean that I think my blog is all singing and dancing or even that this other blog needed any help, so please don't read this in that way.

I emailed the blog owner and said that I would be interested in writing a piece for them but that I was stuck as to content; did they want a big post? A review? A wish list? A countdown? The blogger happily emailed me and said that they were hoping for something around 'Christmas' be it a wish list, a post on thinking of others or something else.

As I started to plan out my post anxiety reared its head. How on earth was I going to write something good enough for their blog? If I mess up on my own blog only I suffer, I didn't want someone else to feel that they were obligated to publish something that they felt was poor quality. What about their readers? What if my post was enough to put them off returning?

This festered away at me for a few days. I wallowed. Something I'm not proud to say. Why was I getting so worked up? I ended up emailing the blog owner to say that I couldn't write the post and I apologised. I felt so angry with myself. I had passed up an amazing opportunity and the task wasn't something I was unfamiliar with.

The blog owner hasn't responded to my email. I can understand why. I would feel frustrated too if I had planned a spot for guest post for them to pull out. I'd feel stressed that I would need to now create a post with less planning and time.

I like the saying 'If it's for you, it won't go past you' but what about when you push it past? I know there will be other opportunities in future and maybe I will have a better method for then. I always advocate making your own choices and this is no exception. I didn't let myself continue and get pressured which would have led to an appalling piece. If you are the blog owner in question, I'm sorry. I hope you understand. If you don't, that's fine too.

Now the task is to look ahead. Its always best not to dwell on the 'could have beens' or you will miss the 'can bes'. 

I'm going to finish this post on a positive note though! I accepted a challenge from a poet, he told me to aim for 1,000 views a month by January. We're three weeks into November and I've hit 1,000 :) I couldn't be happier. I don't know who you all are, or why you visit my blog but I would like to say thank you. As well as my own enjoyment you are becoming a motivating factor and spur me on when I'm feeling unmotivated!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and, as always, make your own choices.

Toodlepip xx