Sunday, 9 November 2014

November Appreciation & Aspiration | Appreciation for my Friends

Hello my Leaves,

I would just like to start today's post by letting you know that I am now on Bloglovin :) If you could follow me and spread the word that would be lovely :)

How are you finding November Appreciation & Aspiration so far? I'm finding it a challenge to get onto screen what I'm visualising in my mind, I think I've cracked it, or just cracked, for todays post though :)

Today is all about appreciating the nutters and loveable rogues that we call our second family, friends. It can certainly be said that you certainly miss and appreciate things more when you're not as close to them. Moving counties has proved this to be the case for me!

I see my own friendship circle as being similar to a pattern of concentric circles and that's how I'm going to  show my appreciation today. Just call me a 'paint' genius!

If we treat the butterflies as representing 'x' amount of people I should be able to explain it ^^. To start with all the butterflies that are not on a ring are people I haven't met yet. The majority of them I will never meet as the world is far too large! 

The Inner Circle

The innermost ring to 'Me' are the people the closest to me. These are the friends that I have been in touch with for years and are trusted with a whole heap of embarrassing and emotional stories. They're the ones who you know you can pick up the phone and call at any point and they will be there for you. It takes a long time for people to reach this circle for me and that is why there are so few butterflies there. These friends are the ones that I feel completely safe and myself with. I always feel that the world is conquerable when they're around and, when I'm not near them, I can still imagine what they would say in situations I encounter and it makes everything a little easier. We've all lent on each other at some point in our lives but we accept that there are things that we each have to do which takes us a little further away. I don't know if I would be the person I am today if it wasn't for these people and for that I appreciate them and say 'Thank You'.

The Middle Circle

The middle circle is constantly changing. For me, this is the circle of friends who you meet up with but perhaps aren't always your truest self around. These are the people that don't know a lot about me but see me often. So, for example, people I work with. I see them on a regular basis but I'm not about to go into my entire life history with them. This is the 'Facebook' ring too. I don't necessarily have their most up to date phone number but I can catch up with them on other media, such as Facebook. I tend to dip people in and out out of this ring from time to time, sometimes it's to see if they would fit into the inner ring but in most cases this doesn't happen. This is also the ring I learn a lot of lessons with. These are the people that you begin to trust as you interact with them regularly. A danger for me is thinking these people are in the inner ring when actually, they're really not. This always leads to me feeling a bit stupid for over-sharing and reminds me that the world is full of many personalities and types of people. I'm sure you will all have an image in your mind of someone that has taught you this lesson, hopefully not the hard way! In a way I really appreciate this ring, as it's the one you tend to learn the most from.

The Outer Circle

The outer circle is people that I would recognise and say 'hi' to but I wouldn't feel comfortable going up to them and inviting them somewhere. I tend to collect tit bits of information about this group and use it to build better relationships with them. It may stay at that point or they may move in a circle or be out all together. One constant outer ring friendship I have is with a shop worker; I go in on a regular basis and have a little chat at the till and then go about my day. It's unlikely that they will ever go into a closer ring but I also doubt I would talk to them if I saw them outside of that situation. I appreciate this ring as it makes me feel more comfortable in unknown or stressful environments. It's almost as if they are practice for me for social situations, if I can build a rapport with a complete stranger, I feel more comfortable. 

Wow, this has turned into quite a ramble! I hope you've enjoyed this post and that it's made you have a think about your own friendship groups and where you would place people. If, after reading this post, you think I'm a complete crackpot then that's OK too. This is how I, someone who loves structure and routine, organise my mind. Moving has definitely made me re-evaluate the 'rings' and it's been slightly painful to watch people not respond to your messages and accept that I am in a different ring to where they were on mine. Either way, I have learnt many lessons in my 24 years and I can guarantee I will learn many more!

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Make your own choices.

Toodlepip xx