Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November Appreciation & Aspiration | Aspiration: Figuring out your career

Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning my Leaves,

Happy Wednesday! How are you feeling now that we're in the middle of the week? Is it going well? Either way tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity :)

As you may be able to tell from my sickly chirpy tone, I passed my work review this week. The job I am in at present has a trial period for anyone who joins the company. This is for three months and I had my meeting this week to say that I had passed, yippee!

It ties in rather nicely with my plan for today's post 'Aspiration: Figuring out your career'. Now to begin with, note that I have said career. This post isn't about getting a job per se, it's about planning the route to your dream role. For a small percentage of you, you will already be in this role, to that I say 'Wow, I'm ever so jealous and I hope it continues to be perfect for you'. For the rest of us, it's time to make a plan.

Why bother?

With a plan you are less likely to encounter unpleasant obstacles. You are less likely to be sat unemployed for a long period of time. You're more likely to be in a career you enjoy. Finally, let's face it, it's kind of silly not to...

Yes, more beautiful paint work by myself ^^ :

There are 3 major things you need to consider when you're making your career plan:

1. Money
2. Enjoyment
3. Location

These 3 points need to be the first that you look at. It's a good idea to rank them in importance to you before you begin, this can be a tough one but be honest. 

Got them in order?

With this order you can now add a few more details, so, what amount of money would you like to earn at the height of your career? What do you enjoy doing? Or even, what do you NOT want to do? How are far are you willing to travel? Would you like to travel frequently? Would you want to live in this location or commute for the week?

Feeling calmer?

Don't worry if you find yourself with a list longer than your torso, it's natural. What you can do at this point is prioritise your notes. e.g. I don't enjoy travelling but I could do it if....? This helps to really whittle down your list until you are left with a much shorter list. Remember, this doesn't have to be done in a day or even a week, you can add little bits and amend this list as much as you want.

Hopefully this list is starting to give you an idea of which career you would suit. If it doesn't there are plenty of career sites and services out there that can help, no matter your age. I personally liked 'Prospects' which is mainly targeted at graduates. Saying that, I also really enjoyed '' (scroll down until you see 'take the test'), followed by 'personality page' which helped me to anchor down on what I really want. I did a post earlier in the year about my personality type which you can find here :) (This is the second post I did *shudders at lack of colour*)

WARNING!! All these sites aren't you, it's important to remember that although they provide suggestions it doesn't mean that you can't aim and achieve something else!

Anyhoo, from there you can start to look at other factors such as:

1. What qualifications will I need to be able to do this role?
2. Longevity and when do I want to retire?
3. Reality

This is where you need to start making a plan. Be realistic, the chances of you walking into a £100k job are pretty slim to none. You will need to account for time studying, taking time out for a family (if you wish to), climbing the ladder and the reality. I.e. If you have decided you want to be a brain surgeon but have had an eye operation, you are unlikely to be able to do this so may need a plan B.

In my own case, I would love to be a successful blogger who can make her own schedule, go to movie premieres, provide talks to people and have a nice savings pot and income. Facing reality, although I really enjoy blogging and hope this comes true I actually have a plan B , C and D. I'm enjoying my full time job because I made a plan of what I want to achieve and targeted roles that will help me get there when looking for a job. Blogging is a wonderful hobby but I am also content with my job. I'm not sat at work everyday wondering why I'm there or why my blogging isn't raking in money. I'm focusing on my plan and re-evaluating what I need to do and where I'm at.

My word this has turned into quite a long Wednesday post!!

I hope I haven't bored you to tears or started a meltdown! Let me know in the comments if this has been helpful (at all) and what you want to do for a career! Or, maybe you already have your dream job? Why not share your experience with us and provide any useful things you learnt along the way? :)

Make your own choices my leaves,

Toodelpip xx