Friday, 31 October 2014

Weekly Update | 31/10/2014

Good Evening my leaves,

 ^^"^^ Happy Halloween! ^^"^^ 

How are you all today? Have you had a good week? Do you have any plans for halloween? I'm hiding in my house in the dark as I forgot to buy sweets, oops! I suppose I could ask 'trick?' but too many children are used to sweets now and I don't want a mob of 17 year olds who think they're still age appropriate to be giving me harassment. (They're as tall as mountains down here!)

Anyhoo, for those of you that follow me you may have noticed that I've had a fairly busy week :)

On monday I released a book review on Sean Riley's 'Mad World' selection of poems, the link to which can be found here if you haven't seen it already :) He has done an amazing job and there's a theme to suit everyone, in my opinion, in his book.

I've also had a challenging week with anxiety, my monthly catch up at work didn't have the feedback I expected and, to be fully honest, left me quite shocked. I've always been known for getting the results so to be told that I'm not performing as expected is a painful pill. I'm back on track now and have a plan for getting the results but my anxiety was hit.

To help combat this I have been using the STOPP method which was introduced to me by a friend of the family who is having a tough time at present.

The STOPP method is:

Take a deep breath (or however many you need)
Observe - What am I reacting to? What am I feeling? What am I thinking?
Pull Back - Gain some perspective of your surroundings and look at the bigger picture i.e. Am I in danger? Where is it? How can I reduce it?
Practice what works.

I have found that it has been helping to write the word STOPP on my notepad when I'm at work each time I feel anxious. This reminds me to go through the steps and it has helped massively. I even had a situation where I could feel the surge rising and I managed to stay in the situation without causing any attention to shift to me. I usually have to leave the room to calm so I was very happy about this!

This is a method I hadn't come across before and I'll be honest I was dubious, there's a few CBT tricks that just haven't worked as I can't get my mind to focus, but this is working for me so far. I even have a note in my purse for when I'm out and about as a visual reminder of the steps.

Do you have any methods that work for you? Let me know in the comments below :)

I think that's about it for this weeks update but November's new theme, 'Appreciation & Aspiration' starts on Sunday so I hope you're ready and excited for it :)

As always, please follow me if you like my posts, they give me warm fuzzy feelings each time I see a new leaf :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x