Sunday, 26 October 2014

October Soul, Mind & Body | The Importance of Balance

Good Evening my Leaves and happy Sunday!

How has your weekend been?

I hear that the youngsters are off for half term this week, how fast has this term gone?! How fast has October gone?! I think people are right when they say that time goes even faster as you get older.

Today's post is all about balance, in every aspect.


Balance is a beautiful thing. When you have a perfect balance you don't feel as though you are missing out. It's as though you have every portion of work, social life and peace all perfect.

I'm currently working towards achieving balance. As you are all aware I have been letting my anxiety win quite a bit lately. This has meant that I spend a lot of time either at work or at home but not a lot out and about.

Thankfully Autumn gives me lots of opportunities and reasons to go outside. I am aiming to go to the local bonfire and firework display this year despite the guarantee that it will be crowded and busy!

One thing to bear in mind whilst you're working towards finding your own balance is not to overdo it. Imagine yourself as an elastic band, gentle stretching helps but if you stretch to fast and to forcefully you will either ping and take steps back of you will break.

If you're dieting, do it sensibly. Don't go overboard on the calorie change or exercise. It will be hard and harmful to maintain! Make small changes and be patient when looking for a difference. Myself and a few colleagues are making a united weight loss at the moment but we all have varying weights to lose. Some will lose a pound others will lose four but it's OK. Don't compare your loss to someone else's.

I always have to resist posting blog posts the moment they're complete. I just want to share them with you all but if I don't set a pace I will burn out as I won't enjoy having to write posts because you're used to seeing them really often. I enjoy blogging because I pace myself, I balance it out with my life. Some days I get a lot of writing done and others I don't want to think about it!

So find your balance. If you have any hints or tips, as always these are welcomed in the comments or on tweets to @chezautumn :)

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Make your own choices (sensibly)

Toodlepip x