Saturday, 4 October 2014

Book Review | Endgame: The Calling

Hello my Leaves,

As a distraction from this week I went onto bloggersrequired to see if I could find a product to review. That's when I came across Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton published by Harper Collins. I read the blurb and immediately had to know more about the book. It had been described as a must read to those who enjoyed 'The Hunger Games' and similar books.

Where do I even begin with this book?

The Story

I received the book on Thursday and I'm now writing the review on Saturday having completed all 400+ pages. I even took it with me to work to read on my lunch break. I can honestly say that it was a welcome breath from all the other 'end of the world' genre books that always tend to feel rushed in their creation. A lot of thought has gone into this book and you will see what I mean when you read it for yourselves. I'm saying 'when' as I believe this book is going to be a big read that will feature in the charts.

Endgame: The Calling follows 12 under 20 year olds as they are called to fight for their bloodline. Whoever survives the Endgame will be able to spare all those of their blood, from death, as earth resets itself. Those who don't win, will not. 

The authors have managed to tell the story through each characters eyes without confusing you as you try to remember who everyone is. I was constantly trying to guess the ending throughout but each time I thought I had grasped it, the authors through a curve ball and I and to think again. The way this book has been left I feel that there can't be too much of a break in this series' releases or I may go slightly crazy ^^.

There have been chatter on some sites that this book is too similar to The Hunger Games but I feel that they only have a few things in common instead of a majority. For starters, only the minority of the store's population are aware of the Endgame and there were certainly no aliens or ethereal beings in The Hunger Games. This (Endgame) is just within the same genre as opposed to 'the same story' and The Hunger Games certainly wasn't the first of it's kind!

I'm recommending this book to anyone who likes to explore a different train of thought regarding our planet and what happens beyond our own awareness. There is some moderate violence and occasional swearing so I would advise that you read it yourself before recommending it to anyone younger than you.

The Book

James Frey has said that there will be clues hidden in each book of the trilogy and that each puzzle will lead to a cash prize! This has been done before by other authors creating a literary treasure hunt, and a lot of dug up land. I personally won't be taking part in this hunt as I'm confused by the most basic of puzzles but I will certainly be following it from the sidelines with the prize (a glass box of gold) being streamed live on YouTube. If you join the hunt then let me know how you find it and I wish you the best of luck, the puzzle has been created by 3 MIT grads!

On that note..

You can order Endgame: The Calling from Amazon by clicking here. There's also a teaser trailer on YouTube which can be found by clicking here.  The book will be released on the 7th October 2014 (UK) and I would love to know your thoughts on it!

Make your own choices.

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