Friday, 5 September 2014

Weekly Update | 05/09/2014

Hello my leaves, how has your week been?

We're officially in Autumn! I know the leaves haven't changed overnight etc but I'm very excited for all the change that nature is about to do! It rained the entire day on Monday xD I think the land around me was very grateful as it has still been warm and dry down south with only a few showers here and there.

I don't quite know how but I've somehow managed to fall behind in my blog schedule so I'm going to try and get ahead again over the weekend as I hate leaving things to the last minute, the quality is poor enough as it is :P

My week has been quite eventful but I shall start from the beginning :)

Friday Night - After the weekly update went live. The BBC have announced that the UK is now at 'severe' on the Terrorism Threat Scale. Whilst this makes me concerned, I'm glad that the government are being honest (more honest). There have been times were people have kept their cards close to their chests, so as not to scare people, but it led to people being less vigilant and increased the chances of bad things happening. At least, by announcing it, this way people are more vigilant and wary of mysterious, abandoned items and more observant of people's behaviour.

Saturday - I went to B & Q and chose my colours for my room! Going to start painting this weekend (6th and 7th) so I'm very happy that all I need to do now is prep the walls! I also decided to buy the 4th season of Covert Affairs so a lot of the day was spent cuddled up with my duvet watching the episodes like an addict...

Sunday - I decided that I would need to be a little more productive with my weekend whilst watching CA so I started to get the shapes of material needed to make my bed scatter cushions (blog will follow). The only downside of watching CA at the same time is that I kept forgetting to take photos of the process but I hopefully have enough to form cohesive steps for you all :)
Sunday night was spent feeling very rough as I hadn't been paying attention to myself whilst watching CA and making cushions so I ended up getting quite dehydrated and shaky :/ Felt fine after a few pints of water though and went to bed feeling like my normal self.
Sunday was also the night that the photos of celebrities were leaked online. I was horrified that people can find pleasure in gaining access to private photos but at the same time I'm relieved that I'm not the only person feeling this way! So many people have voiced their disapproval over the invasion of privacy.

Monday - Nightmare. I don't know how else to phrase it. My morning started with a massive panic attack before I left the house, to the point were I was struggling to focus on whether I was genuinely ill from the night before or just having a panic attack. I managed to get to work on time and my colleagues were none the wiser. The after waves were a good three hours long and it was only at lunch that I felt it begin to ebb. Not a good day. I came home, got into my comfiest pyjamas and decided to watch youtube videos until I felt normal (me) again.  After talking it through I think my anxiety was about Tuesday as we were going to have a big long meeting in a small room with lots of people and my anxiety was rising. I decided that I would try to get a space next to a door and take a bottled drink to work with me as my distraction.

Tuesday - Well I'm glad the day is over! The meeting wasn't so bad as we were split into teams for the afternoon workshops and I managed to get an aisle seat for the morning talks! I literally came home and got into my pyjamas xD

Wednesday - I had more meetings today but they were fine. They've definitely taught me that I need to work on my communication as I'm too quiet when I raise a point and I then struggle to communicate said point effectively!

Thursday - I can't believe how many of you read last nights blog! :) I'm very happy and proud of all of you :D Also, I've caught up on GBBO from yesterday! I think I'm rooting for Team Martha and Team Richard as they both seem to have an affinity for baking though Chetna certainly knows how to add  flavour! I've been working on sunday's post as well for you all in an attempt that, by starting earlier, it will be of better quality!

Enough about me anyway! How has your week been? Are you happy to see Friday? I know a lot of you that study will be back by now so I hope you have all had a marvellous week at school/work/other :)

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x