Friday, 26 September 2014

Weekly Update | 26/09/2014

Hello my Leaves and Happy Friday!

Typing the 26th September was horrible today, I can't believe how fast this month has gone?! Can you believe that I started this blog in July! If time could slow down a touch, that would be great!

My week has been relatively quiet. I went out for a meal at Frankie & Benny's with my colleagues on Thursday as it is my birthday this weekend. We had a fantastic time and the food was scrummy! I feel that I need to get back into the routine of eating a little more cleanly after this week though! I always find excuses to eat unhealthily! Frankie & Benny's is one of my favourite go-to restaurants as it's where I celebrated a lot of my Birthdays when I lived in Lancashire so it was very strange to be eating in a similarly laid out restaurant with different people!

I had a friend to visit last weekend from Lancashire and it was lovely to see a familiar face! I haven't seen any of my Northern friends since July and it really made me miss the North when I heard the accent again. We went shopping and I got to show them where I live and work which was strange but made me realise how comfortable and settled I had become. We also decided to have a Sherlock Holmes (Season 1 - 3) marathon too as it was an early birthday gift and we used to always watch the episodes together. On the last day we went to a water activity centre and went rowing! My arms have never been so sore but I had a great time and managed to get lots of photos for a future post :)

I know, I know, I really know how to pull off the life jacket look ^^ 
& my glasses are transition lenses, I'm not completely bonkers!

In other news my love for Netflix has grown again! I finally finished all four seasons of Lost Girl, thinking I now had my life back, to discover that 'The Originals' has now been added *sighs*. I don't know how they do it but Netflix always seem to add something I want to watch the minute I can feel freedom in my grasp! :) I guess it gives me more reason to have duvet days though and I enjoy unwinding to Netflix at night as part of my after work routine :) Goodness only knows what they will add next!

I've finally gotten my act together and have made my plan for October's theme. Drum roll please....October's theme is:

Soul, Mind & Body

I hope you're looking forward to it as much as me :P

So, how has your week been? Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend and next week? Let me know on twitter @chezautumn :)

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x