Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Favourites 2014

Hello my Leaves and welcome to September's Favourites.

I hope you are all having a particularly lovely Sunday! I know I am as today is the day I Level (grow) Up :) I will have to go out and seek all the 'About Me' places on the Internet and let them know that I am yet another year away from youth! I don't mind growing up that much, I just see it as another tick box for another year survived, which with my clumsiness and afraid-of-almost-everything mindset, is something to celebrate!

I have celebrated by spending time with friends and family and eating lots of food... I hear I'm at the age where metabolisms start to slow down too so I will have to make sure I don't overindulge too often!

Anyway, you didn't click this post to hear about someone growing older, hopefully you clicked to see my September Favourites and here they are!

1. My Room

I know I have been ramming this post on the Internet at every opportunity but I am so proud of how my room has turned out! The colours make it feel very refreshing and cosy and it's as though I am in an indoor forest! I have considered taking it a step further and making a green canopy for the ceiling but that is still a thought instead of a reality! My purse needs some time to recover before I go opening it again! My room is an expression of me, too. I've lived in rented accommodation for so long that it feels wonderful to be able to decorate and actually paint walls! Of course, as this is technically my mum's house I did ask for her permission first, please don't go painting your rooms without the house owners permission xD

2. Eat Natural Bars

These Eat Natural bars were a new find for me this month despite them being available for ages! I had been looking for a elevenses snack for a while and this bar with the Almonds and Apricots really does the trick! The almonds fill me up and the apricots fool me into thinking it is far healthier than it probably is ^^ I still believe it to be a better option to chocolate bars though!

3. Unity for Remembrance Day

I don't know about those of you in other countries but I love the feeling when residents of your country unite for a mutual cause. There has been a ginormous pottery/ceramic poppy planting at the tower of London this year in memory of WWI and I love seeing how everyone has come together. I don't own any photos of this so I recommend that you click here to learn more about the event and see pictures of just how many poppies have been planted to date. A lot of my colleagues have volunteered to plant poppies and the sheer volume is a very overwhelming sight. If you are visiting London at any point I strongly recommend viewing this installation!

4. Wraps (of any variety)

The last of my favourites for September has to be wraps and tortillas. I have been slightly obsessed this month with making my own wraps of any variety and have been saving quite some money by making them at home, Subway I still love you but you're an expensive mistress to be frequented regularly! My favourite wrap combinations are Tuna Salad (with lettuce, tomato, pepper, cucumber and light mayo) and Cheese and Beetroot (sometimes with a bit of houmous :P). Do you have any favourite sandwich/wrap combinations?

Book Club

So, this month's book was 'The Kingmaker's Daughter' by Philippa Gregory. I have to say that this book took me some time to get into, especially as it's been a busy month, but I'm so glad I persevered with this book. It follows Anne Neville, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick, as her father, dubbed the 'Kingmaker' continues of his ambition to place his family as close to the throne of England as possible, if not on it. As with Philippa's previous books, I found myself drawn to little Anne as she grows up and really feel her character as she faces a lot peaks and troughs in her life. I feel that Philippa's books always make me wish I had listened more in history lessons as all this competition and drama around the monarchy is given an extra touch. I also love that this book is based on the War of the Roses which, although being born and raised in Lancashire, isn't something I heard a lot about. Lancaster and York universities' to this day hold a competition of different sports each year yet not a lot is mentioned about the history. Or, if it is mentioned, it gets lost in the thirst for competition.

Next Month's book will be 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman' by Haruki Murakami. If you want to join in then the book can be found here and it will be reviewed in October's Favourites.

Anyway that's a wrap *chuckles* for this months favourites. What have you fallen in love with this month? Let me know on twitter @chezautumn I'm in a bit of a loop in the 30's and getting to see your names (proof of existence) on Twitter will make me extra smiley :)

I hope you enjoyed September Inspiration and are all looking forward to October's Soul, Mind & Body posts!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x