Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Inspiration September | Youtubers

Hello my leaves, how is your Wednesday? I can't believe it is hump day again already! September is moving fast!

As promised in my 'What inspires me?' blog, here is my list of Youtube inspirations and motivations! It was only in writing this post that I realised just how many people I follow on Youtube to motivate me and there are so many I haven't included! Here are my own top choices, in no particular order.

Jacks Gap/Jack and Finn Harries
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Jack and Finn spend such a long time making their videos that you can see the love and labour behind each video that they produce. They take such a different  view on events too that I always have to remember that there are other points of view to each experience. I would definitely recommend that you watch their journey through India if you haven't already!
My message to you: Keep up the hard work Jack, Finn and Team! Your video's are truly amazing and I would happily wait months for each video. Don't put so much stress and pressure on yourselves though, it's nice to remind us that we are all human and to be human is to err!

Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: This woman manages to brighten up every single Wednesday/Thursday for me :) It doesn't matter what mood I'm in when I click play, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be crying with laughter by the end :) Jenna takes a very sarcastic approach to quite a few of her videos and like to imitate what different types of people are like. Her 'what your bra says about you' video is pretty funny as are her everyday views on how people accomplish small tasks like getting ready and going about their day :)
My message to you: Jenna, I can honestly say I haven't found another person like you! When life throws you lemons, make unicorns :D I've followed your videos through so many roller coaster times but you've always been there to cheer the rest of us on, thank you.

Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: This guy was basically self taught to play the drums and has so much skill and natural talent it's crazy! Especially when you add in his amazing people skills and quick wit! I recommend that you check out his band 'Ventura Lights' they've done some amazing pieces so far and your support will make a big difference for them!
My message to you: Don't stop. I don't think you would let yourself stop doing something you love either but if you need to hear it elsewhere... The look of bliss when you're playing always motivates to keep doing what I love and it reminds me that practice makes perfect :)
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: This mans take on the news is amazing. He manages to add his own twist and keep even the most dull of news seem alive and interesting to his audience. He juggles raising a little one, running different channels and posts regular news updates whilst remaining impartial-ish. Granted there are times when he just says what everyone is thinking but it's a welcome breath of fresh air to the TV news channels.
My message to you: I wish I had your viewpoint on life. I find that I dwell on the little details whereas you seem able to tackle things when they arise instead of worrying other things that may never be. Your little addition to the family is beyond adorable and I truly believe, from what I see of your personality, that you will make a great, all rounded parent.

Zoella/Zoe Sugg
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Probably the youtuber I feel the most akin to. I'm not saying I know exactly who Zoe is as I only see a selective snippet of her life but, from what I have seen, I see a determined person who wants the best for everyone despite obstacles. Zoe has a book due out soon and has accomplished so much both as a blogger and a Youtuber.
My message to you: I don't know where to start. I love your daily vlog stints and that's what initially brought me to your channel as I don't wear make up. Having seen you struggle with inner demons (anxiety) I found that I almost had to watch to make sure you were OK and partly to prove to myself that anxiety is just a small ripple in the grand scheme of things. Your own life has motivated me to keep battling and find a way to conquer my anxiety so that it doesn't prevent me from doing the things that I want to do. We are all human and you don't have to make each video perfect. Be happy and do things for you not your viewers.
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Emma speaks her mind. Sometimes it gets her into trouble but I love that she doesn't soften her own opinions just to please viewers. Emma makes music as well as videos and performed 'The Promise' live at Summer in the City. She can take time to find motivation but her videos are worth the wait :)
My message to you: Listen to your own lyrics. You are more than capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to. Don't let other peoples opinions bring you down and keep Blackerying your way through life, it's gotten you this far!

Bubzbeauty/Lindy Ng (Nee Tsang)
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Lindy is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who was raised in Ireland but now lives in Hong Kong with her husband, two dogs and now a baby! She accomplishes so much in her day it's phenomenal. She always manages to have the energy to get everything done and more and this always drives me to work on my blog after a full day at work.
My message to you: Breathe! Your life is constantly in motion and a nice post baby moon would be acceptable! I love the optimism that you maintain through your videos and you don't let life get in the way of what you want to do! :) I truly wish all the best for you, Tim and Isaac as well as the doggies!

Piddleass / Kaitlin Witcher
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Kate is an American who, I feel, deserves more recognition. She always portrays herself as the tag along but she is liked in her own right! She can be an absolute loony in one video and in the next she's very honest. I like that she feels comfortable being honest in her vlogs and that she isn't trying to be someone that she isn't. Kate has faced a lot of obstacles with anxiety over the last year but she doesn't let it stop her as much as she used to! She reminds me that sometimes spur of the moment decisions can be the boost you needed.
My message to you: You can do it Panda Queen! Keep taking the opportunities that you would usually shy away from. We can all see the difference warped has made and I wouldn't want you to miss things that you want to do! I know how much you love your games but stop worrying about how good it looks to us, just play and we will fall into the game with you!

Sprinkle of Glitter / Louise Pentland
Why I find them Inspiring/motivating: Louise is so comfortable on camera with who she is I love it! If she's not being mummy at home and looking after Darcy, she's off making lookbooks and videos or attending events. She appears to never stop and can keep so many balls in the air at once it's actually a little scary!
My message to you: Keep it up! You have become a lot more accepting of your humanness lately and it is coming across in your work! You have a wonderful family and I want you to make the most of Darcy whilst she's still young! Don't feel pressured by people demanding more. If you burn a candle at both ends it will die out a lot faster!

This list is by no means exhaustive and if you want to discover more youtubers and bloggers then I can happily recommend:
The SacconeJoly’s, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog), Marziapie, Hazel Heyes (chewingsand), Carrie Fletcher (Itswaypastmybedtime), Niomi Smart, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Meytall, Pewdiepie, Tom Burns, Mimei, *pause to take another breath* Matt Watson (he’s new), BFvsGF, Syndicate, Madeyewlook, Dan and Phil, The Shaytards, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Joey Graceffa, Rachel and Jun, The Fine Bros and I suppose my own channel ChezAutumn :P

 Who motivates and inspires you?  Are there any other Youtubers that you think I should watch?

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x