Sunday, 7 September 2014

Inspiration September | My Desk

Happy Wednesday my leaves how are you enjoying this hump day?

My week has flown by so far and I feel like I haven't had a weekend!

Following on from Wednesday’s post about what inspires me I wanted to go into a bit more depth about my desk. I know, how exciting ^^

My desk is where I sit for all my posts and for most of my crafts and drawing so I wanted to make it seem appealing and motivating. The amount of time I spend staring at a wall to procrastinate is phenomenal!

I’m quite a hoarder of memories and memento’s too so I wanted to find a way to incorporate them with my desk. When I moved down south I felt certain that I wanted a plain white desk and I found this one at IKEA. It's actually classed as a dressing table but I see it as a slim desk :) It has a long drawer running the whole width which can fit my laptop, notes and other bits and bobs that I always need but can never find!

On the surface there is a long piece of glass that rests on top of tiny, one side adhesive dots. These stop the glass from sliding around but also provide a perfect gap for my memories.

I have added a few things that show my achievements so far, my driving test card to remind me I can do anything if I put my mind to it and my first lottery ticket to remind me how happy I felt about being grown up enough to take part in the adult world and their activities. I have a birthday card with a hamster on which reminds me of Houdini when he was younger. This card always makes me smile and is positions to the left of my laptop so that I can see it in the corner of my eye when I am writing.

I’ve also included little notes that I’ve kept over the years. I have a list that I made with my friends yonks ago where we wrote down what we would want from our perfect partner xD This always reminds me that compromises can be good but not to lose sight of your own wishes at the same time :) Another little note was written in my coursework planner whilst I was at college. The person I sat next to was cheering me up after I got a lower than I expected score in a test.

Everything on my desk would seem insignificant to other people which is partly why I love it so much. This desk is tailored to inspire and motivate me and no one has one like it. I’ve even scattered cut outs of leaves in Autumnal colours to remind me of autumn and to take a deep breathe if I feel frustrated.

Once my room is painted I’m going to hang my mirror over my desk so that I don’t stare at a wall but at myself and outside. Hopefully it will stop me from imagining pictures and scribbles on the wall!

Do you have a little pocket or area of motivation? I’ve seen people having a wall dedicated to photos which I would like to imitate one day! I’m tempted to buy a map and colour in countries that have had views on my blog xD That would be an additional motivator for me to keep doing what I enjoy and would nudge me to stick to my time frames and deadlines!

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x