Sunday, 14 September 2014

Inspiration September | Bed Cushions

Hello my leaves! How are you all today?

I decided to do another craft project for today's post, I hope you don't mind! My bed has been looking very bare recently so I decided to purchase some cushions for it. Sadly, the patterns that were available wouldn't suit my room but I had a moment of inspiration as I walked past a fabric shop, why not make my own?!

So here it is, the somewhat jumbled and probably not-the-right-way-to-make-cushions post on how I made my bed cushions :)

Step One: Select your fabrics, I went for ones that were Forrest colours as I like the outdoors. I also looked for fabrics that didn't stretch too much as they would be harder to sew and harder to keep in shape! I also de-covered the pillows, they were an amusing assortment of not so sharp shapes :)

Step Two: Measure each cushion from seam to seam, you may need to check that the reverse is the same if you have dysfunctional cushions as I did! Using tailors chalk, draw the shape onto the fabric and give and allowance for the seam, I was generous and gave an inch perimeter. You also want to allow extra space on one side as this will be the inner cover to seal your cushion in! I went for just under half of the length to be certain it would be covered. Make two of these pieces, I layered my fabric prior to cutting and pinned it to prevent the fabric shifting whilst cutting.

Step Three: Place the two pieces of fabric together with your patterned sides touching each other, the cushions will be sewn inside out. Fold over the Inner cushion fabric and pin down all the perimeters EXCEPT the one of the Inner fold! I then drew a line in tailors chalk to give myself a guide whilst sewing.

Step Four: With my guide line in place I changed the pins direction so that I could sew over the two pieces of material without them moving around. If you're new to sewing I strongly advise this step.

Sew. Sew. Sew.

Step Five: After sewing, remove the pins and trim the seams so that they won't bulge once the cushions are turned inside out.

Step Six: Turn the cushions inside out and make sure to push the corners out to give a nice pointy edge! Whilst sewing I ran a little over each edge to ensure there was a neat corner!

Step Seven: If you need to you can add buttons between the inner fold and the back of your material. I only had this problem with my first cushion for some reason, likely I mis-measured the width, so I added a press stud to keep it together. :)

Et Voila! I repeated this process for another four cushions and I can definitely advocate that practice makes slightly more perfect cushions :P

Have you been inspired to make anything this September? Let me know what you've made in the comments :) Also, any constructive comments on improving my cushion making method are gladly received :D

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x