Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Inspiration September | Autumn Nails

Hello my Leaves, how are you today? :)

For the final Inspiration September post (it's September Favourites on Sunday) I thought I would show you one of the ways that I'm celebrating Autumn, my nails!!

I know my nails need reshaping and sorting out buuut the flowers distract you :P

So, should you wish to do them yourself, here's my steps.

You will need:

Nail Varnishes, Clear Varnish, Cling Film & A Bobby Pin

Step One: Choose your colours, I went for 'Prima Ballerina' by Leighton Denny and 'Fenchurch Street', 'Hampstead Gardens' and 'Holland Park Avenue' by Nails Inc. :)

Step Two: Coat four nails in your palest colour and then select your main flower colour for your ring finger/or any finger.

Step Three: Blob (that's a technical term, honest!) your colours onto some folded cling film.

Step Four: With a bobby pin dot five dots into a circle.

Step Five: Repeat the process for your other nails and add a dot in the middle to be a centre for your flowers.

Step Six: Finish with a top coat et voila! (The picture below is without the ring finger highlighted)

If you do try out these Autumnal Nails then tag me on twitter to share your creations :D You could also add leaves to the design if you wanted, I ran out of space on my nails.

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x