Friday, 8 August 2014

Weekly Update | 08/08/2014

Hello my Leaves,

How have you been this week? :)

I had my first views this week from Hong Kong & Belgium! I'm adding them to my list of viewers (UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Russia)! World Domination here we come ^^,

I have also been borderline obsessed with Emma Blackery's song this week: The Promise. Click here if you haven't heard it already :) She has an awesome YouTube channel and other songs can be found there amongst other amazingness! If you're in or around London then go say 'Hi' to her at Summer in the City this weekend :)

This week has been pretty good. I've gotten the Sunday post up (Anxiety and Panic Attacks) and that will be up at 8pm BST on Sunday! It was a tough one to write and I almost changed the topic to avoid it, but I'm glad I didn't! What did you think of the first post, Beating Low Moods?

On the job front: I had another interview this week for a company that I have fallen in love with! The team seem genuinely bonkers and I feel like that's the spirit I'm after right now! I'll keep you up to date on this :)

I'm not too sure of my age range (audience) but I wanted to have a little ramble about 'the boomerang generation'. Children that return to live back at home after a period of study/employment. As one of these 'Boomerang' children I found it quite amusing and enlightening to see the parents point of view, but there was little on the "child's".

From my own experience I can understand how the parent must feel. Finally not having to worry about having their children home, enjoying having visits instead of residents returning. At the same time I am experiencing the child's. 

Trying to find the balance when returning home is a struggle. I have lived away for six years and I want to retain most of my independence but at the same time I don't want to appear ungrateful or aloof from the rest of the household. Where possible I contribute and try not to raise costs, once I'm employed I will be paying rent and bills and managing my own food bill. I do my own washing and currently hoover and dust the house as I'm unemployed. I want to live as another adult and it is a constant challenge not to fall into the role of dependent, but we're getting there. My household are very keen practitioners of open and honest communication and that is helping all of us with this adjustment. This situation isn't permanent but nor is it short term. We will adjust as best we can and eventually we will be seamless.

If you are a parent experiencing boomerang's, be patient and honest. We can't read your mind but at the same time require some adjustment period. We don't want to be a burden on you but we still want to be recognised as adult and independent. If we don't socialise as much it could be that we're trying to give you some space, or that we need it. If you do feel that you're being taken advantage of then tell us, be honest, but also be specific about what you would want to see. Just telling us to be independent is hard because we don't want to feel as though we are a lodger instead of family, help us find that balance.

If you are the child/boomerang, breathe. It's not fun or easy to find the balance of being family under the same roof whilst also being less dependent. Remember that whilst it will be your home, it is not your house. Be courteous and check that members are OK with you having people around. See what their routines are and adapt, you're not a kid anymore, be responsible. Most of the time this isn't permanent so be patient and lastly be grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with your family and have the assurance of a roof over your head.

Are you a Parent of a Boomerang or the Boomerang? How are your experiences?

I'm going to leave at this point now! It's quite cool at the moment so I'm going to take advantage and get some gardening done! I hear storm Bertha is on her way this weekend! I hope she behaves and doesn't ruin your plans!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x

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