Friday, 29 August 2014

Weekly Update | 29/08/2014

Hello my Leaves how are you today?

Are you excited for Autumn?

There are so many things I enjoy about Autumn but I’m particularly excited about all the new TV series that will be out (you can only rematch covert affairs on netflix so many times!)! I don’t suppose any of you watch ‘Great British Bake Off’? Wednesdays episode was crazy! I know people are siding with Diana in that she could have genuinely forgotten but surely you wouldn’t take someone else’s cake out of the freezer in the first place? Just find another freezer…

…phew anyway

This week at work was good as it was only a four day week! (Got to love bank holidays) The only downside was that my anxiety has been getting bad again :/ I’ve been struggling to drive to and from work and I’m hyper alert to my surroundings until I’m under my duvet :/ On a brighter side I have better tools to cope this time and it’s not as bad as was last time. So many people have been ill at work lately so that probably hasn’t been helping my mind to keep calm! :/

I think it’s at the time again where I book an appointment at the opticians as I’ve been starting to get headaches whilst at work! I’m going to end up being as blind as a bat by the time I’m 30 at this rate xD

Speaking of appointments, Mr Houdini had his first visit to the vets this week because he had been walking funnily. Everything was OK, just a little bruising, but he is getting very old now and each day continues to be a little blessing :)

In other news, I’ve started the first post for September Inspiration this week and I’m so excited for what’s in store for you all! :) I hope you are too!

How have you found the last week of August? Have you had a good summer?

Make good choices.

Toodlepip x