Friday, 22 August 2014

Weekly Update | 22.08.2014

Good day my Leaves!

How has this week been for you?

I've completed week two of my new job and it is still going well :) Lot's more insight and understanding into my role and I'm looking forward to my future tasks. I think I enjoy work too much sometimes...

I can't believe we're two posts away from the end of August Awareness! It's gone so fast and, whilst I've found the posts challenging, I'm really glad that I have done them :) I hope that you have enjoyed them too!

I've spent a lot of this week getting very muddled with HTML code. My blog doesn't look how I would like it to at the moment but I am determined to learn how to change it :) Do you have any useful sites or videos that I can try? YouTube is getting very confusing for me but I have found a few 'for dummies' type videos xD

In other news, some of my friends have been holidaying near me this week so I've been able to have a good catch up with them which was lovely, I've missed them so much! It has made me more determined to try and keep in touch with everyone up North despite not being able to see them often! As you are probably aware by now, I'm not the best person at travelling ^^. I am working on this now especially as it almost got in the way of me being able to catch up people this week, something I am honestly ashamed of. (If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that Wednesday was a high anxiety day :/)

I've been spending this week trying to tie up my final posts for August Awareness and have been beginning to plan what I am going to do for September's theme...

DIY and Inspiration
My Desk...
I'm really excited to start these posts and want to include a lot of what I've done for my room (which will hopefully be finished by then!) I've changed my mind a few times about the layout but the theme and colours have always been the same. 

I also want to squeeze in my work wardrobe haul too as I went on a massive spree, it may even class as a haul ^^. I didn't have many clothes that could be worn in a warmer climate and the dress code is different to my previous work. I don't know when I am going to add this post but I will find a place! I may even make it a part of my weekly update for next week, hmm...

On that note I'm going to say goodbye for this week and I hope you enjoy my final two August Awareness posts :)

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Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x