Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Awareness: Beating Low Moods

Hello my Leaves, how are you today?

As you may have noticed, my Sunday posts are going to be the ones that focus on the slightly more serious things. Today's is all about beating the blues!

Now I'm sure all of you at one point or another have been in a low mood or a bit of dip and it can be very frustrating and challenging to pull out of. I normally feel these dips when I'm feeling particularly anxious or isolated as I'm quite an introverted but still need a dose of socialisation every once in a while as a boost. There are a few things I can do, and you can try, which help me to ease the dip or to pull me out of them altogether.

1. Shower/Bath

Taking a long shower or bath is such a great way to perk up. For me it feels as though I'm washing away all my negative feelings and can start my day again afterwards. Take your time after as well. Moisturise, paint your nails, do your hair different to how you would everyday. I like to put some music on and ignore any social media during this time. It gives you a chance to ignore the world for a bit and just focus on yourself. Think about the positives that you've had from your day (you will find them!).

2. Music

As I mentioned above I find music a great release for negative feelings. The trick is to work out what music makes you feel better and which music maybe won't improve your mood. I have a playlist that contains purely upbeat and happy music. It works pretty much every time, especially if I go for a walk with it on full blast in my ears :) NB: I'm not encouraging you to deafen yourself...

3. Movies

If you're not feeling like walking or having a shower then get into your comfys and watch a feel good film :) My particular favourites are Easy A, Pitch Perfect, How to train your dragon, Legally Blonde and Despicable Me. If I don't end up laughing during one of these then I put on another until I do :) Again, leave this time for yourself you can watch them with people but try not to sit on your phone throughout!

4. Treats

I'm not saying you should eat your feelings, not a good habit! A treat could mean anything. It could be going to your favourite place/shop, it could be having a pamper day or going to a taster session for something you have wanted to try for a long time. Find something that you enjoy doing, take the time out, and go do it!

5. Socialise

I realise the previous things have been quite solo things but I really do recommend going and talking to one of your friends or family. Even if you don't feel up to meeting them there are so many forms of media these days that you can catch up with someone and still see their face :). I have a few people to go to even though I'm living away from them it still feels like I've seen them and had a good catch up after. Be honest with who you choose to talk to. Don't just chat to someone without actually being honest about how you're feeling or you won't feel any better.

I hope these things helped, let me know if there's anything I haven't mentioned that I can try :) This isn't intended to bring anyone down but more to give you ways to avoid getting into a funk. You may be a permanently happy person who never feels low, if so, good for you and by all means keep doing whatever you're doing to feel that way, except drugs, don't do drugs!

Keep your chin up!

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x