Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Update for W/E 27/7/14

Hello my Leaves, how are you today?

It's the end of another week, they're going so fast! I'm sure they slow down when I work and speed up during my 'free' time! -.-

A few things to update you on which I find really exciting but I'm not sure that you will ^^


1. I mentioned last week that I had a meeting with a dressmaker on Tuesday about a possible position. The meeting went well but instead of employment I was offered a week of work experience (my skills weren't high enough to be paid ^^). I made veils, petticoats, alterations to sleeves and trousers (must remember not to call them pants down south!), and I made bead and flower decorations for wedding dresses :) It was fantastic fun and I really enjoyed myself despite the heat we had! Vampire's reactions to sunlight are mine to heat sadly :/ . Today was my last day and I was offered the opportunity to stay on and be trained as an apprentice but I turned it down. Although I enjoyed the experience I have bills to pay and the training salary wouldn't be able to cover my basic expenses. There was also the fact that the hours wouldn't be regular and there was no guarantee of work after september as the business is small and doesn't receive enough winter trade at the moment. We have exchanged contact information and I hope to continue gaining experience alongside full time employment. The rest of this week will be spent applying for jobs again!


2. Happier news! I have a twitter account and it now has 13 followers! :D This doesn't sound like it means anything and I know people 'follow for follows' but I feel good about it :) I wonder if I can get it to 100 by the end of the year ;) *nudges readers to follow @chezautumn on twitter* I may obtain an instagram account too for amusement :) Thank you to those 13 followers though and if you are one of those followers reading this post then I am sending you hug vibes :)


3. Blog Views - I know, I know, I'm doing a lot of bragging but I have hit 250 blog views today too :D I only really started to focus on the blog this month so I'm very chuffed with you all for finding me and reading my posts :) If you have any suggestions for improvement or good news, please do share it in the comments section beneath each post :)
I want to add at this point that whilst I enjoy writing the posts it does give me a nice feeling to think that people are reading them :) 

Upcoming Content

4. Without realising it I have been theming my upcoming posts for the next month ^^, August posts will be having more focus on Awareness. I have a few posts planned that, I hope, spread more awareness about certain topics including low moods and anxiety. I have tried to schedule these so that they are released on Sundays as I don't want to bum people out in the middle of the week! They're not intended to make you feel sad but sometimes important things need to be faced! There will be other posts that are of lighter content during the week and in my weekly update so, if you wish, you can ignore the more 'serious' ones.

Weekly Updates

5. After some consideration I am going to move my weekly updates to Friday's. This gives me more time to focus on the Sunday post and I feel it is more up to date as I don't usually have a lot to talk about at the weekend other than food and sleep :)

And that's it, another weekly update done :) How are you finding these updates? Would you rather I didn't do them? What have you been up to this week? I hear schools are finished for summer now, do you have any plans? 

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x