Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekly Update for w/e 20/07/2014

Hello my Leaves, how are we today?

I wanted to give a little update today on what's to come on this blog. I'm the kind of person who likes to be organised so I have finally sat myself down and gotten organised with regards to these blogs. I enjoy writing blogs regardless of whether I receive viewers. I see this as my own little diary that I can look back on but also share with people who may have common interests. I really believe that writing these blogs is helping me to keep some kind of sanity in my life right now, as you know I have had a big move recently and I want to give this the best chance that I can! So, I have made myself a schedule, yup, to help me keep motivated in blogging :)

Monday's will be my catch up/weekly update days. These will be written either on Monday or late Sunday night so that I don't miss anything out from the previous week! Wednesday's and Sunday's will also be new blog days. I'm going to try and work it that the more 'serious' blogs are released on Sunday's as Wednesday's are already hump days for those of you at work or school and I don't want to make it any worse for you! Though there will be some occasions when this isn't followed (Monthly favourites will be released as close to the end of the month as possible without going into the following month!).

I want to try and keep creativity in my blogs so I will do a cooking/baking entry once a fortnight (Wednesday's) and will try to keep the other Wednesday's as art and craft entries :) This Wednesday's recipe is a yummy one! Just saying...

With regards to release time, this will always be 8pm in the UK. I set my posts up so that they release automatically so as not disappoint anyone by missing times etc :)

Sorry that was a bit of a mammoth ramble there but now it's onto the FIRST weekly update :)


Ok, so this week has been quite stressful as I have been 'down South' for two weeks now. The last of the boxes are starting to be put into the attic or into piles for car booting/charity donating and the house is beginning to look like a house instead of a box warehouse! 

I've been making a bigger effort on the job hunt this week too as I need to start bringing money home to support myself and pay the bills! A lot of the jobs around here seem to be for those with experience £40K+ so it hasn't been easy, but, I've had a few emails back from people who have requested more information so fingers crossed! One particular email was from a lady who works as a dressmaker in the local area! I'm going to meet with her on Tuesday and hopefully she will take me on so that I can gain experience and become a fabulous dressmaker ^^, I really enjoy sewing and making things but in the grand scheme of things I am a NOVICE! I can use a sewing machine for basic stitches but I have no idea how to do anything fancy! I hear it can do button holes and zips but I wouldn't know where to begin! I'm surprised that she responded and as much as I don't want to get my hopes up, I really hope that she can help me out! It may just be for the summer as there are Weddings coming up but, experience is experience!

I've really been missing Lancashire this week and not just because of the lack of rain down here! (There was a pretty cool storm on Thursday night but there was no evidence of it on Friday). I miss having people that I know nearby too. I'm quite an introverted person so to go out there and find people my age (23) isn't the easiest thing for me to do. I mentioned previously that I had seen a few groups around here but the anxiety of meeting new people plus having to travel to completely unfamiliar places is taking it's toll on me at the moment. I want to make the most of the opportunities down here but I seem to paralysed with an overwhelming fear of change. It's as if you have to use a bit of yourself every time to deal with the stress but my tank is running low to empty at the moment. 

Okaay let's blow away that little sadness cloud with a picture of Houdini!

& we're just going to ignore my mid-talk-face-disappearing-into-neck angle :/

So far for socialisation today I've been catching up on my Youtube subscriptions as I haven't really kept up with them during the move. I watch them all going out and doing lots of new things despite some of them having demons of their own to face. They give me the nudge I need to keep ploughing on and not to give up on this decision to move. If any of you want to see who I follow I will be releasing a post in the future but, for now, go check out Zoe (Zoella), Anna and Jonathan (SacconeJolys), Kate (Piddleass), Lindy (bubzbeauty) and Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) if you haven't already! :) I hope the links work if not search by the bracketed name :)

Anyhoo, I'm going to sign out for now and get the rest of these blogs sorted out for you all! :) If you don't want to miss any then sign up with your email address and you will be notified when I post :)

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x