Sunday, 20 July 2014

The new Bedroom (Before)

Hello my Leaves,

How are you all doing this fine Sunday?

As you're aware I have recently moved to Surrey and with that comes a whole lot of fun...redecorating!! I have lived in rented accommodation for the last 5 years so to be able to think about fully redecorating and painting the walls is a very big thrill for me (I need to find more thrills, I'm aware!). So to motivate me to decorate I have decided to show you the before of my room so that when I post the after you will *hopefully* be able to see the difference.

So, without further ado:

Straight opposite the door as you walk in is the window. I currently have my Yankee Candles and a few bits and bobs on their but with it being a 'South Facing' window I may need to move them so they don't get too warm! Other than painting the walls and maybe replacing the windows not a lot will change!

To the right of the door are two built in wardrobes. I need to do a lot of reorganisation in there as it's currently a tip of boxes and clothes and other oddments! You can see Houdini's cage just to the bottom of the shot as I haven't found the right cool and shady place for him just yet!

Opposite the window is my bed. It's a double and a fairly snug fit at the moment. The wall behind it will have canvas art and a mirror once it's done :) 

From the bed I currently have a stack of books needing a home and my bed side table pretending to be a Tv stand at the moment :) I will be getting a small desk for this area and am hoping to find a way to mount the TV on a hinge from the wall so that it doesn't take up so much surface space! The canvas next to the TV in this picture will be on my wall over the bed.

Finally, the wall opposite the wardrobes, I don't want to add a lot to the wall in way of shelves as I want paint something on the wall. What this will be I'm not sure but I have been browsing a lot of wall decals on Etsy for inspiration!

And there we have it, this is my bedroom so far. I don't know how long it will be before I post the after but I will make sure I get pictures throughout so I can show you the process as well as the result!

If you have any ideas or inspiration boards feel free to share the links below and I'll check them out! :)

Make your own choices and Toodlepip xx