Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meeting new people

Hello my Leaves ,

How are you all today?

Today I wanted to talk to you about combatting new place blues. Moving to an entirely new place, be it a new school, job or home, can be challenging. One of the toughest things, in my opinion, to do is to build new circles and friendships. The main challenge I am faced with isn't how to maintain friendships it's how to find the people to meet and build relationships with them

One thing I have done is sign up to Meetup. This is a website of lots of groups that are around the location that you type in. So far I have found a lot of walking groups as well as social groups who meet up and do lots of different things. There's a local rotaract club as well which I'm going to look into. From what I gather this group do voluntary, community work as well as meeting up for social activities too. 

I think the idea for now is to go out there and try out lots of new things, then I can decide what I want to stick with or I can continue to try new things.

I'm going to let you know what I do and hopefully, by making that commitment, it will give me incentive to actually commit and go out there. I'm a fairly introverted person but every person needs socialisation!

Do you know of any more groups or websites that I can look into? How have you found it when you've had to make a change? 

Good Luck with your endeavours!

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x