Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 2014 Favourites

Hello my Leaves,

How are you all today? :)

We've made it to the almost end of July! :) How are you enjoying the Summer? Or I guess Winter if you live down under? I am not a fan of hot weather! Sunshine is fine but heat and general mugginess is blearh :( I keep getting pressure headaches when a storm is coming too :/ maybe it means I need to keep hydrated? Who knows? I've decided to add my book club post to this as I felt it wasn't enough to have it's own post, yet. Feel free to recommend any books of any genre to me and I will have a gander :)

Anyhoooo, this is supposed to be my July Favourites post so I should probably get around to that ^^,

 1. I have recently become obsessed with Yankee Candles, despite the fact that I don't really use them at the moment with this weather ^^  The three I have so far are: Lake Sunset (really mellow and almost like clean room smell), Black Cherry (This will be used a a lot during Autumn and Winter it smells so cosy!) and Turquoise sky (This is probably the strongest smelling candle of the three but I think it will provide a nice change every so often). I have the black cherry as a car freshener as well and I am in Love.

2. You will soon realise I am a stationary fanatic! Anything pretty and colourful is likely to be purchased by me. I received this Butterfly stationery as a leaving gift from my former colleagues so I guess they know me well ^^ I think this is from WHSmith but unlike the store version mine has little quotes handwritten by one of my colleagues on odd pages :) I think I will use this book as a little storage of thoughts so that it will never be thrown away :D

3. Now, with my skin I don't usually go to perfumey shops but I decided I wanted something for my room as I share it with Houdini and, although he has good hygiene, his food stinks! I found this Vanilla and Tonka Bean Room and Linen Spritz at the BodyShop and decided it wasn't too strong but was enough to refresh my room :) Two sprays is enough for my room and I avoid my bedding and Houdini to minimise reaction for both of us :)

4. Something I never would have thought to buy for myself but that I really appreciate! Another gift from my Colleagues when I worked my last day is Katie Piper's 'Start your Day with Katie' book. Each day has a positive saying/affirmation for you. There is the occasional strange one but a lot of them this month have struck a nerve with me so I've popped it next to my bed so that I see it everyday :)

5. Probably the only beauty product I wear everyday besides moisturiser! This is Clinique's 'almost lipstick' in the shade Flirty Honey. It is much pinker than the photo is showing but it only applies a think layer of colour to your lips. I've had some bad 'duck lip' reactions to lipstick in the past so to find something that I can wear everyday without worrying is a very freeing feeling. I may have a look into other shades that they do and they may crop up in future blogs :) I can't remember where I bought this but I do have a family member who likes to buy me Clinique items so I may have to thumbs up this one for her :)

6. Last but not least it's my Pandora Charm Bracelet. I wouldn't normally choose this as it is something that I wear almost everyday. However, I have and a lot of additions to it recently and I found it has been a lovely little pick me up when I feel a bit blue. I like my charms to have meaning for me and I can honestly say that all of these do! The red four leaf clover in the middle was a gift from my colleagues and along withe the sunshine/sunflower I am reminded to always think positively and to look for the bright parts of each day instead of dwelling on the negative.

Book Club

The book I've been reading this month is actually a series by Cassandra Clare called the Mortal Instruments. It's a fantasy style book suitable for most above 12 years old. I have been slightly obsessed with the plot and characters and have moved on to read the rest of Cassandra's books this month ^^. I would fully recommend these books for anyone that likes the escape of a world within our own. Characters include a pining werewolf, feuding vampires and cunning fey. Lots of plot twists and relationship confusions throughout but, an easy, enjoyable read! After reading the first few books I realised that the first was released as a film last year so I've added to my watch list too ^^. The full blurb and collection can be found here along with other books and more information about the wonderful Cassandra. 

Ease of Reading: 5 
Plot: 4
Chance of being hooked: 5
Read again? Yes

Next months book which I will be reading is 'The Alchemist's Secret' by  Scott Mariani. The review for this book will be in the August Favourite's post :)

I hope you have enjoyed my July Favourites post. If you have any recommendations for me to try then please leave it in the comments below.

Thank you!

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x