Saturday, 12 July 2014

Introducing Houdini

Hello Humans/strange smells, 

My name is Houdini and I'm Chez Autumn's Hamster! Chez thought it would be a good idea for me to introduce myself as I may appear randomly in her posts without her introducing me. She's a very forgetful human but she never forgets to feed me. Sometimes I nibble her fingers to tell her I'm hungry but I've only bitten twice in my lifetime (Some peoples fingers smell of food!)

 I am a cross between a golden hamster and a syrian so I'm really calm and like to be snuggled! Sometimes Chez wakes up in the night and I'm sat on my ladder staring at her wanting a hug! My favourite treats are banana chips and cucumber though I don't say 'no' to the occasional piece of chicken!

My favourite thing to do is explore new places. I prefer the back of chairs but when I want a good run without my ball the humans make a fence with their legs. I'm not as young as I used to be so I don't always have the energy to climb up their legs!

Chez knows that I like to sleep during the day but I always come and say hello when she brings back food from the shops! The picture above is very rare as I was chasing so many yogurt drops in my sleep I didn't hear her calling my name! Chez thinks this picture is 'cute' but I think it's better when I smile :)

I have some strange habits that Chez has discovered about me. In particular I like to sneeze and bark in each corner of my home when I wake up at night. It reassures me when I do this and I know I am safe to eat lots of food once I have done this.  I also like to sit on top of my house and watch out for predators. Chez thinks I've been watching too many Meerkat programmes!

I think that's a lot of information for now and my feet are exhausted from running across this keyboard! I shall see you all in future posts by Chez.

Squeaky Sneeze xx