Sunday, 13 July 2014

First Impressions of Surrey

Hello my leaves, how are you all today?

I have successfully managed to pull myself away from Cassandra Clare's books (If you haven't read them by now check out the samples on Amazon!) and have made some observations about where I now live to share with you.

To explain, I have recently taken a giant leap for me, not so giant for mankind, and have moved from the County of Lancashire (North West England) to the County of Surrey (South West England: somewhere closeish to a train to London!). My reasons for moving are varied but one of the biggest factors was a need for change. This is somewhat ironic as I loathe change! Even someone different to work with ruffles my feathers! I'll be honest, other than accents, I hadn't expected many changes but already I've seen a few stark contrasts between North and South.

1. Gravy. I had been pre warned about the fact that chips and gravy doesn't really exist down south but I hadn't realised how much of a frustration it would be. For myself, when stressed, chips and gravy is my go to comfort food so not being able to find it here has been an adjustment to say the least! I have since found that KFC still sell gravy so I've made a compromise but even then the gravy tastes very different! It's not sludgy which I loved about Northern KFC!

Have you seen the date on this gravy?!

2. Eye Contact. I've had some fun with this second observation. I don't know if this rule applies just to the area I live but very few people are willing to make eye contact around here. I've been finding myself walking around shops staring at people to see if they make contact but they don't. They will look literally anywhere else to avoid it! I was brought up to see eye contact as a sign of strength and confidence so to then have conversations without making direct contact is quite unnerving. I feel as though they have something to hide as they won't meet my eye!

3. Cars. Up North my 'W' reg car was seen to be very old but around here there are a lot more older cars. This could be due to the fact that house prices are so much higher so there is less disposable income to spend on cars. Or perhaps with the transport networks being stronger people don't rely on their cars as heavily?

4. Students. This is going to sound very strange but the height of school students around here are crazy!! I walk into a shop and feel as though I am in the mountains! I don't know what teenagers are fed around here but it must have something growth inducing in it! I have absolutely no explanation or theory for this difference so any are welcome!

For now that's it! If you live around the Surrey area or close can you let me know if you know of anywhere that sells both chunky chips and gravy!! (As a hot dish for those of you that think of being clever and saying the supermarket :P) Also any suggestions for things to do would be welcome!

Also, have you had to relocate and have found stark contrasts between old home and new? Share them below :)

Remember to make your own choices!

Toodlepip x