Friday, 30 May 2014

Personality Test--

Hello my Leaves, how are you all today?

You know when you're having 'one of those days'? Where you're feeling a little lost and uncertain about life, the future and all the rest of it?

Then again maybe you're not. Maybe that's just my personality traits showing through? Either way, my day brought me to randomly looking on the Internet to find what kind of jobs would suit my personality. Before I could do that I had to discover my personality type. I found a lovely website called Career and clicked the link below to take the test.

Personally I don't like being completely honest about my own likes and dislikes because I fear what other people will think of me if they see the real me. In reality they probably see the real me a lot more than I do. 

I got the type ISFJ. This stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. As opposed to Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. At first I just took it as a bit of fun and didn't think it would be too accurate a measure of my personality. I mean, how can someone really know who you are by 40 or so questions? I was wrong. Or I feel bought in to what the results had to say about me.

I've got to say, the information about my type really hit me on the head. That was me they were describing and even parts about me that I don't like to admit about myself. Things I didn't think I had given away on a multiple choice test.

The results for career were more interesting. On a first glance I thought that they seemed un-aspiring and un-achieving but I realised that was just a perception I've been taught. I don't enjoy the role I do at the moment but when I was a librarian at University I loved it. I loved the order and the peace and that there was some power but everything had a rule. The one role that really stood out to me was bookkeeping. I have loved working with numbers because, as long as you have the right ones, they can't lie.

It was something I considering doing at Uni as an extra curricular night class but for whatever reason I didn't. Maybe it is something I will look into a bit more now and see how it makes me feel before I make a decision?

Back to the literature on my type, I found answers in my own moods and emotions. More importantly I found reassurance that the way I think isn't just me. Roughly 6% of the population have some idea of how I feel and what triggers and influences my feelings. I have been taught that it is wrong to think the way I do sometimes. That it is seen as weak. But now I think it's just that the people telling me this may just have a contradicting personality type. I don't judge them for how they make me feel and I have a better idea now of what I can do to help me understand other peoples actions without judging straight off.  I am a fairly judgemental person but this gave me an insight into what I don't see about myself. 

I would recommend this test to everyone, even if it just gives you an insight into different people. Personality isn't everything but does make up quite a lot of who you are. Don't change your personality for anyone. If we were all the same, nothing would be done.

On that note I'm off to find some food! It's 2pm here and I've written another post which will, hopefully, automatically release on Sunday around 8pm BST.

Make your own choices,

Toodlepip x